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Featuring total light removal plus built-in sound muffling, patented Rest Master is a premium quality adjustable sleep mask. Rest Master was invented for people with sleeping troubles, for those that just appreciate napping during the day or while traveling, as well as even for those whose companions demand viewing TV or analysis late into the evening. Rest Master is an all-in-one sleep mask that incorporates light removal as well as sound decrease, the problems necessary for deep sleep. Rest Master's soft as well as trendy breathable textile as well as comfortable fit create an enjoyable result rapidly induces a remarkably deep as well as refreshing sleep.A one-size-fits-all, straightforward, simple item, Rest Master allows you to appreciate healthy as well as natural sleep. Light as well as very easy to bring, utilize Rest Master anytime, anywhere. Why is Rest Master special? Traditional sleep masks only cover your eyes, as well as are clumsy as well as unpleasant. They give no sound alleviation, requiring the different use ear plugs, which regularly fall out with the head movement typical during sleep. Instead, Rest Master is adjustable, conveniently borders your head as well as covers your ears (easily linking in the back of the head with velcro strips), concurrently obstructing light as well as smothering sound, rapidly generating a deep as well as refreshing sleep. Hygienic, washable as well as resilient. The premium quality products as well as building of Rest Master allows for duplicated hand launderings, making this hypoallergenic sleep mask longer-lasting, much more sanitary as well as for that reason, a much better value than various other sleep masks on the market.Feel your body, mind as well as spirit reply to natural as well as relaxing sleep.Sleep Master makes a thoughtful present for those that have regular airline trips or resort stays, those that have a loud or brilliant remainder environment, university studentsThe BEST sleep mask on the market. The Revolutionary Item: After comprehensive research, the inventor of SLEEP MASTER (an insomnia victim) could not locate a sleep mask that integrated the problems necessary for deep sleep: light removal as well as sound decrease. Traditional sleep masks didn't fit or last. They all had thin elastic straps that shift annoyingly during sleep, fray apart rapidly or merely break off after just a few uses, never mind the dreadful arise from washing them. Hence was birthed SLEEP MASTER, making use of a soft, cooling, stretch satin textile, that is comfortable, LIGHTWEIGHT AND ALSO BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE, wide as well as easily attached in the back by Velcro. The ear location is padded for sound muffling. It stretches or restricts for the fit you want. SLEEP MASTER is a basic, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all item, which GETS RID OF LIGHT as well as LOWERS NOISE, offering you a deep, refreshing sleep by shutting out the world in a prompt, intimate method. Normal usage MUFFLES NOISE substantially, offering a feeling of separation from ambient activity as well as sound, however not full seclusion. For total sound removal, you might pick to place the high quality ear plugs (offered with the mask) before positioning SLEEP MASTER around your head, which will certainly block out sound totally as well as hold the ear plugs firmly in position. CPAP users report that SLEEP MASTER fits conveniently when used with a CPAP. Superior quality products as well as building, together with washability, make SLEEP MASTER a much premium value than various other masks. It is far more sanitary as well as lasts sometimes much longer than various other masks on the market.

Product Features

Fully adjustable, light-weight and breathable cool satin sleep mask Durable, soft, flexible and wide to surround your head comfortably, connects easily in the back with velcro strips Synthetic outer shell/ Cotton interior No Latex, Hypoallergenic and Hand Washable MADE IN USA

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