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High-Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head
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Three Shower Modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting & 3 Layers of Filters in the Shower Head to Get a Spa Shower Experience in Your Bathroom.  Designed with LUV Current-limiting technology: Delivers high-pressure water-saving performance,up to 30% water saving and 200% water speed increasing than typical faucet pressure with steady water flow.

Solid and Durable design: Solid build, No leaks. The design of a transparent high-density filter and the perspective are easy to disassemble and clean.Negative Ion Technology:Softens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Make your skin and hair smoother and softer. Easy Installation: Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds,and You're Ready To Go


      • Shower Head: PC 22cm (length)
      • Connection Standard: G1/2"
      • Hose(optional): 1.5m stainless steel, copper core
      • Mount(optional): Aluminum, Max capacity - 15kg

      Easy to install, Removable


      Purify water and your skin is protected from chemicals

      International Standard:
      2cm diameter connector is compatible with 99% of standard shower hoses


      10 x 3 x 3 inches


      Durable ABS material
      Expandable Garden Hose - Up to 100ft
      Best Seller

      The Expandable Garden Hose is the amazing expanding hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its length which gives you a wide diameter and powerful high-flow spray.


      • Just turn on the water and watch the it grow. 
      • Turn the water off and the it contracts back to a short length. 
      • No more struggling with heavy hoses it is light and features a kink-free design that weighs about one pound! 
      • Made from a tough, expandable inner hose and a folded outer hose made from super strong webbing, it is like no other in the world. 
      • You'll be amazed! 

      Arthritis Gloves
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      We can always maintain a youthful attitude, but for some of us our bodies will continue to accept each year regardless if we do our not. Sometimes your hands and joints have a friendly way of letting you know that you have worked enough in life and it's time to relax. Well today is not that day and you've got a report to write or a garden to till. Introducing the solution to your hand aches, the arthritis gloves. Simply put these over your hands and the compression will enhance blood circulation, and ease the pain on your joints. They are comfortable to use day and night. You may even forget you're wearing them! The lycra material allows your skin to breath to no discoloration or swelling will occur. Tell your body to step it up, at least for today with a pair of arthritis gloves.


      • One size fits most; comes as a pair

      • Material - 85% Nylon & 15% Lycra Spandex

      • Lycra allows skin to breathe and it’s latex free 

      Microfiber Car Washing Gloves
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      Car-washing gloves crafted from a microfiber chenille material that won’t scratch or damage your vehicle


      • Microfiber Car-Washing Gloves

      • Made of microfiber chenille material

      • Soft, comfortable, and absorbent

      • Will not scratch delicate surfaces in your car

      • Use less soap and water than traditional sponge

      • Easy to wash and dry

      • Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Pink

      • Dimensions: 19cm x 15cm

      Long Handled Skin Massage Shower Brush
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      Soft and fine bristles, do not hurt the skin, clean more in place
      Soft hard are moderate, can effectively promote blood circulation
      Environmental health, no smell, grip comfort
      Product size: 36.5 * 7 * 3CM Note that the bristles do not wash the water

      Product features :
      1. Selection of bath brush material for the polystyrene, bristle material for the PET
      2. Tail has a lanyard design, convenient storage
      3. Handle ergonomic design, lengthened handle can effectively scrub the back, curvature comfortable, easy to use.
      4. Back design massage bumps, relax muscles, relieve fatigue. 

      Original Power Nozzle
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      •  More power than traditional nozzles.
      •  It will enable you to effortlessly blast away dirt, twigs, leaves, mud and mildew from sidewalks, patios, driveways and more.
      •  The fine mist allows you to water flowers with equal distribution and no harm.
      •  The added comfort grip handle is designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
      •  You can also just twist the nozzle and water your most delicate flowers with a fine mist spray.
      •  Features a variety of settings from gentle mists to full-on force with just a twist of the hand. The nozzle fits on any standard garden hose, is easy to use, and shuts off without hassle.

      Fast Neck Pain Relief
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      Best Relief Cervical Neck Traction Device can stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles with the exact amount of traction while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can decompress the spinal disc, which may minimize bulging and ease the pressure on nerve and blood circulation. Best Relief Cervical Neck Traction Device can also take pressure off the painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility! FAST NECK PAIN RELIEF - Provides fast neck pain relief, and a faster recovery from neck injuries, without the need for medications or surgery. Relieves neck pain for anyone suffering from neck arthritis, herniated/bulging disc in the neck, neck strains and cervical muscle spasms. INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION - The cervical traction device helps by increasing blood circulation to the structures of the cervical spine, helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation. CORRECTS NECK POSTURE – Keeps your neck in a perfect posture allowing it to heal and prevents further neck injury and pain. COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE – Soft and comfortable fabric and inflates easily. No longer go to a physical therapist for neck traction; you can do neck traction at home just as effectively and safely. FULLY ADJUSTABLE – The cervical traction device is fully adjustable to almost any size and can be used for men and women. For best results use 2-3 times daily for 30 minutes session each. Color May Vary Blue Or Brown

      Magic Scratch Remover Tool
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      Paint Scratches? No problem! 

      This Magic Scratch Eraser is your ultimate solution! 

      Blessed with Nano-Technology, you can remove scratches in NO TIME! By design, it removes defects to the thin outer coat of your car's finish--like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk. 

      Our Magic Scratch Eraser is easy to use and comes with materials to repair multiple scratches. One Magic Scratch Eraser can be used multiple times! STOCK UP to always make sure you have one handy to quickly get rid of light scratches and scuffs! 

      You won't regret it!!! A perfect solution to ALL car paint imperfections and blemishes! Instantly and safely removes scratches and stains Works great on any paint colors Easy to use 


      Material: Nano-polyester Fiber 

      Size: 20cm x 10cm x 1cm/7.8" x 4" x 0.4" 

      Weight: 0.01kg/0.4oz

      Hair Iron Holster
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      This lifesaver that is completely heat resistant holds your tools while they’re heating up, during styling, and while they’re cooling down. A must have if you own any type of hair iron. Plus this is space efficient and doesn’t take up your whole counter top!


        • Specially formulated silicone clings to any smooth, non-porous surface.
        • The surface and your Hot Iron Holder should be CLEAN and DRY for maximum grip.
        • Press the flap onto your sink or counter top and it will firmly grip the surface.
        • Lift up to easily remove.
        • The Hot Iron Holster does not use adhesives or suction cups and does not permanently attach to your bathroom fixtures.
        • The stickiness of the flap is a permanent feature and will not wear off.
        • Dirt and lint may reduce performance but can be easily removed by rinsing with water or cleaning with rubbing alcohol.
        • The Hot Iron Holster will cling to any smooth, non-porous surface including tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic, leather and more!
        • Heat-resistant: made of 100% silicone material with a heat-resistant from 30 to 120 degree centigrade, the heat wont affect its good function
        Original Computer Arm Rest
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        • Perfect for Ensuring the Ultimate Comfort for any Computer User

        • Designed to reduce the pressure placed on your neck, shoulders, arms and wrist caused by frequent mouse use 

        • Helps to promote healthy blood circulation

        • It is the ultimate accessory for your home or office

        • Easy to install and features a robust and comfortable construction making it stable and super easy to use 

        • It's unique design ensures you can move freely, comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks

        • Suit for desk thickness under 5 cm

        • Material: PC+ABS

        Portable Shower Hanging Organizer
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        The perfect hanging organizer for all your needs! This Portable Hanging Organizer has it all. It features separate pockets to house all your toiletries whether it's for a trip, dorm, or even to keep your belongings organized in the washroom!

        • Hangs from any door
        • Contains separate pockets for toiletries and makeup
        • Blue and Black 
        • Perfect For Trips, Dorm Rooms, Etc
        • Can Store Up To 10 lbs 
        All In One Laser Leveler
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        The perfect combination tool for hanging and installing objects of all kinds, this laser level also includes a locking 8 foot tape measure and a suction mount to make hands-free measurements a breeze! Designed to combine point and line measuring to speed projects up. A helpful tool to direct light guide when doing a construction repairs. 

        • Built-in horizontal and vertical leveling vials
        • Visible laser line for easy leveling and alignment
        • Locking measuring tape
        • Suction mount
        • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
        • Measures approximately 5.75 x 2.25 x 1.2